Cervicogenic headache

Cervicogenic headache (CGH) is a rare form of headache. The symptoms develop from the neck. In general, there is nothing wrong with the head itself.

head cervicogenic headache CGH pain location

Other forms of headache include migraine, tension headache, medication-induced headache and cluster headache.

Description of condition

The trigeminal nerve is a cranial nerve that innervates a large part of the face. If a problem with the trigeminal nerve develops in the neck, this may result in pain in the area innervated by the nerve.

Cause and history

It is suspected that the trigeminal nerve becomes over-stimulated in the neck.

Signs & symptoms

The headache is present continuously. There is also pain in the neck or arm on the same side as the headache is located. Movements of the neck may be restricted.



Treatment consists of improving the mobility of the neck, postural corrections and an exercise program with muscle strengthening exercises. Only the combination of these three factors appears to be effective.


Take a look at the online exercise program here with exercises for cervicogenic headaches that focuses on mobility, posture and strengthening neck muscles.

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head cervicogenic headache CGH trigeminal nerve

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head cervicogenic headache CGH pain location
head cervicogenic headache CGH trigeminal nerve

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