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Physiocheck.us (Dutch corporate number 72819294) hereby grants you access to Physiocheck.us and invites you to take advantage of its offer. Physiocheck.us retains the right to alter the content at any time and to remove sections without being obliged to notify you.

Limited liability
Physiocheck.us has been designed with the utmost care. However, use of the information and of the physiotherapy check on Physiocheck.us is entirely at your own risk.

We recommend that you only perform the self tests in the physiotherapy check if your regular doctor or attending physician has approved this. Physiocheck.us is not liable for any direct or indirect injuries that could occur as a result of using the information or the physiotherapy check on Physiocheck.us. Physiocheck.us must not be regarded as a replacement for a visit to your doctor and/or physiotherapist. Always contact your regular doctor and physiotherapist first, before drawing conclusions form the information on Physiocheck.us.

The materials supplied on Physiocheck.us are provided without any form of guarantee or claim to accuracy. These materials can change at any time, without prior notification from Physiocheck.us.

All intellectual property rights relating to these materials belong to Physiocheck.us. These materials may not be copied, disseminated or used in any other way without written permission from Physiocheck.us, except in cases defined in law (such as the fair use doctrine), or otherwise stipulated for specific materials.

It is not permitted to include web pages or individual elements (such as images, videos or interactive applications) from Physiocheck.us in another web page in a frameset or via an inline link, which can result in confusion as to the origin of the material.

Placement of a link to this website or banner is permitted. We like this and consider it a compliment.

Cancellation Policy
After payment of your order you will receive the ordered (digital) product. After that it is no longer possible to cancel your order. Orders that have not yet been paid or for which payment has failed will be cancelled automatically.

- Subscription physiotherapy practices: free.
- 7-day trial: $ 2.99.
- Subscription: $ 12.99 / month.

The information on Physiocheck.us is offered without obligation and not as a tangible offer to conclude an agreement. Agreements are only concluded by accepting a quotation identified as such from Physiocheck.us.

These general conditions may change from time to time.

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